Chapter 7 Exercises

Examples in previous chapters were based on random forest model and linear model. But there are so many different approaches for regression modeling. Try gbm (Generalized Boosted Regression Models), knn (k-Nearest Neighbour), svm (Support Vector Machines), nnet (Neural Networks) or other models.

  1. Prepare explainers for model performance,
  2. Prepare explainers for variable importance,
  3. Prepare explainers for variable response for construction.year,
  4. Prepare explainers for model predictions.

Below you will find fits for few different models. Try them out.

## Distribution not specified, assuming gaussian ...
## # weights:  751
## initial  value 12969184089.822304 
## final  value 821267660.638999 
## converged

Figure 7.1: Distribution of residuals for fourn new models

Distribution of residuals for fourn new models