I work as associate professor MiNI@Warsaw University of Technology and assistant professor MIM@Univeristy of Warsaw. I finished mathematical statistics at PAM@WUST and software engineering at CSM@WUST.

My personal mission is to enhance human capabilities by supporting them through access to data-driven and knowledge-based predictions. I execute it by developing methods and tools for responsible machine learning, trustworthy artificial intelligence and reliable software engineering.

I am interested in predictive modeling of large and complex data, data visualization and model interpretability. My main research project is DrWhy.AI - tools and methods for exploration, explanation and debugging of predictive models. Other research activities are focused on applications, mainly high-throughput genetic profiling in oncology. Also I’m interested in evidence based education, evidence based medicine, general machine learning and statistical software engineering (an R enthusiast). Big believer of data-literacy.

More in my CV or in Google scholar.

I am a data-driven person got it from my advisors. My PhD advisor in math was Witold Klonecki. His PhD advisor was Julian Perkal. And his PhD advisor was Hugo Steinhaus. And his advisor was David Hilbert. My PhD advisor in biology was Stanislaw Cebrat.

I like travels, board games, audiobooks and hiking. Living in Warsaw with my wife and two kids.