Latest projects

Paper and package: XAI with DALEX for R and Python

Book: Explanatory Model Analysis

Package: Fairness with fairmodels

Paper: Landscape of R packages for XAI

Software: COVID-19 Risk Score

Paper: Responsible ML for COVID-19

Paper and package: Model governance with R (MLOps)

Paper: Simpler is better


I lead MI^2 group of data enthusiasts, mostly MSc and PhD students. People here are from Math and Computer Science departments from University of Warsaw or Warsaw University of Technology. Together we create tools, try new methods and look for interesting opportunities to squeeze useful information from vast amount of data.

We have quite nice MI2DataLab, place in which we have workshops, seminars and some experiments. Feel free to jump in.

Here is our webpage:

Here is our GitHub account:

Recent projects

I am involved in differnet projects, but the two that are closes to may heart are:


My talks, workshops and other materials are avaliable here:

In 2012 I gave a talk at TEDxKrakow. It was a big thing for me. Find it here


It is so hard to keep the list of publications updated.

Please use rather Google scholar or this site.