breakDown 0.2.0

  • break_down function identifies inteactions
  • break_down function supports DALEX explainers
  • break_down function has complexity O(2p) for models without interactions, much faster than the old version

breakDown 0.1.6

  • broken.default has now the keep_distributions arguments. If TRUE then the whole distribution of conditional residuals is remebered and avaliable for plotting #17
  • small updates in

breakDown 0.1.5

  • small changes in broken.default to make it work with xgboost and other non data.frame data
  • broken.lm supports unnormalized coefficients (thanks to Joseph Larmarange) just add predict.function = betas #9

breakDown 0.1.4

  • broken.default is now model agnostic!
  • broken.ranger is removed since broken.default is much better
  • small fixes in print and plot functions, a new vigniette for model agnostic plots

breakDown 0.1.3

  • small fixes and submission to CRAN

breakDown 0.1.2

  • broken.lm and broken.glm are now supporting interactions (#7)
  • print() and plot() functions are now handling different options for rounding via additional arguments digits = 3, rounding_function = round (#8)

breakDown 0.1.1

  • the baseline argument is added to the broken function (#1)
  • vignettes for lm and glm models are added (#2)

breakDown 0.1

  • waterfall like plots and support for lm models
  • waterfall like plots and support for glm models
  • HR dataset added